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Veteran Made Bullet Bracelets

These are bullet bracelets, handmade and veteran made. They consist of a copper wire core, tightly wrapped with various colors of parachute cord and capped with spent 9mm shell casings. The bracelets wrap around all sizes of wrists, and are very durable and water-resistant.

“Every product is uniquely crafted and American made”

“Each uniform is of different sizes and degrees of wear and tear, so bags may slightly vary in appearance from one another.”

The origin of ReForm came from simply looking at a surplus of old uniforms hanging in the closet of founder Steve D’Amico. After his retirement from the Air Force, Steve saw an array of BDU, DCU, ABU and Multicam uniforms hanging there and literally just taking up space that his wife Tricia would be more than happy to fill with assorted bags, a plethora of sneakers and all sorts of apparel that met her current likings.

Get yours now! Shipping available!

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